mottled woven boxtop

mottled woven boxtop


box top made from repurposed vintage table runner


what once adorned many a 1970s tabletop can now adorn your body’s top! cream-colored linen with woven goldenrod accent pattern around the bottom - faintly mottled orange throughout (most likely from washing with a new red or orange garment). sewn from pit to just above trim detail for a comfortable, roomy and flattering fit.

being secondhand, I am not 100% on the fabric. I believe it’s linen but it may be a blend of some kind. moves like linen. there are thin spots throughout where the warps have worn away. to best preserve this garment, wash on delicate and hang dry.

measurements laying flat:

length (top to bottom) = 25”

length (top to side slit) = 18”

width = 20.5”

neck diameter = 7”

arm opening = 8”

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