"old honesty" top

"old honesty" top


top made from an antique feedsack


this piece is printed with the words “Old Honesty” beneath a (very worn) rendering of Abe Lincoln on one side and is blank on the other. the graphics are sideways as the bag was originally intended to sit longways. slight yellowing throughout, free from holes, all edges finished. imperfections add character and are telling of this piece’s hard-working past.

made from light, soft, wonderfully worn cotton muslin. to best preserve the printing on the fabric, wash cold.

measurements taken laying flat:

length (top to bottom) = 18.5”

width (pit to pit) = 21.5”

neck diameter = 9”

arm opening = 9”

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top made from an antique feedsack


feedsacks were known for their durability - often carrying up to 100 pounds of grain, flour, salt or animal feed. they were commonly repurposed in the household as clothing, towels or however they could be put to use. it is my goal to preserve and display their stains, holes and frays as badges of their past experiences. i hope they will continue to gather many memories in their new homes.