Helping Hand | TCB

Helping Hand | TCB

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The clumsy carpenter is at your service - always willing to help and not afraid to get a little dirty. This soft sculpture is made from a mix of found and new materials :

  • hand: thrifted cotton, naturally dyed with onion skins

  • bandage: fabric scrap found at an antique store (linen?)

  • sleeve secondhand jersey fabric, naturally dyed with cutch gifted from a friend

hand was machine sewn, stuffed with filler made from recycled materials. There are hand-embroidered scars, hand-painted nails (complete with bruise under ring finger), hairy knuckles and wrist. This helping hand is ready for action - and a little comfrey salve or Neosporin. ;)


16” tip of middle finger to bottom wrist

11” thumb to pinky

***spot-clean only***

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